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Okay, I'm SORRY it's just an aim log and everything, but I'm not retyping it or re explaining it...but it also got cut off half way since aim died, but you don't need to hear all the stuff, since it was just establishing stuff.

Kittysoup [12:52 AM]: we've esptablished that sorceress are higher than humans, but lower than gods
PeachyJen06 [12:52 AM]: yea
Kittysoup [12:54 AM]: so we have gods...jealous of these mortals...or semi mortals, at least
PeachyJen06 [12:54 AM]: yea
Kittysoup [12:55 AM]: what if they were breaking order...and slowly becoming more and more godlike?
PeachyJen06 [12:55 AM]: ooo
PeachyJen06 [12:55 AM]: the gods would have to get rid of them
Kittysoup [12:56 AM]: or AT LEAST stunt them, like they managed to
PeachyJen06 [12:56 AM]: yea
Kittysoup [12:56 AM]: this is where I don't quite know the words to explain it
PeachyJen06 [12:56 AM]: k
Kittysoup [12:57 AM]: yazoo and kadaj have a spiritual bond where, before, yazoo acted out, more than he did for anyone else, a puppet of his will, right?
PeachyJen06 [12:57 AM]: Yea
Kittysoup [12:57 AM]: okay, tuck that thought in the back of your head for a sec
Kittysoup [12:58 AM]: so they get really old in atlantis and don't show their age at all...
Kittysoup [12:58 AM]: so it'd take hundreds, even thousands, for the death rate to kill off a race that might not be able to procreate...
Kittysoup [12:58 AM]: of years*
PeachyJen06 [12:58 AM]: yea
Kittysoup [12:59 AM]: Quin, and Seph, THINK Destiny is just...ONE
Kittysoup [1:01 AM]: what if they got it all wrong...and merely a person trying to change their own fate (a dying out race that can't thrive as no new births leaves them in a slowly aging, but still stand still way of life) acts through the collective destiny of all (the one heart--heart of atlantis, connected to everyone, even those outside of atlantis) and their will connects with a man that can break destiny?
PeachyJen06 [1:01 AM]: ooo
Kittysoup [1:01 AM]: so Quin actually has a mother...a physical one
Kittysoup [1:03 AM]: and Quin just is driven by this need to see his mother...and it's because he was put there to do what? Connect all the worlds again (just like in Kingdom Hearts, that is the one true goal that people seem to miss, but yeah...it's definately our rp's true goal)
PeachyJen06 [1:04 AM]: lol
PeachyJen06 [1:04 AM]: So, we're nearing the end then?
Kittysoup [1:04 AM]: I've been slowly winding it down over the last few months, though I never had a clear view of how it would lead to the ending scene
Kittysoup [1:04 AM]: which is planned at least sketchily to work on a few differnt sides
Kittysoup [1:05 AM]: but hell, I could have ended the rp back in Aug of 2003 and it would have made perfect plot sense
Kittysoup [1:05 AM]: a lot of my rping is designed to always have an exit plan in case things go wrong =P
Kittysoup [1:06 AM]: just because he meets his mother and gets confirmation to what he has to do, doesn't mean Quin will listen
PeachyJen06 [1:06 AM]: mmm
Kittysoup [1:06 AM]: he's seen there's more to life than a) meeting ones maker (check) and b) forfilling your destiny (not check)
Kittysoup [1:07 AM]: he's met his mom, sees what he's gotta do, and instead snogs kadaj
Kittysoup [1:07 AM]: plus, zexion and co will get in the way to a point so it's either nearly over at any time I will it to be...or can go on for quite a while still
PeachyJen06 [1:08 AM]: k
Kittysoup [1:08 AM]: so...opinions, thoughts, concerns?
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