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Kadaj (カダージュ, Kadāju?): The leader and youngest member of the Sephiroth Remnants, Kadaj has medium-length silver hair and uses a double-bladed katana called the "Souba" as his primary weapon. He embodies Sephiroth's cruelty and insanity. He refers to anyone with the Geostigma or Jenova cells as his "siblings", and Jenova itself as "Mother". Using the Bahamut Materia, he summoned Bahamut SIN to destroy Edge, a city formed just around Midgar, and search for Jenova's remains. Though the summon was defeated, Kadaj obtained Jenova's cells after they were dropped from a building by Rufus Shinra and was pursued by Cloud to the ruins of Midgar. Once he absorbed Jenova's cells, Kadaj transformed into Sephiroth, who took over the fight from there until he abandoned Kadaj's body after the mortal injury dealt on him. Kadaj died in Cloud's arms as his spirit energy was purged of Sephiroth's will and guided into the Lifestream by Aerith's voice, who he accepted as the mother that he and his 'brothers' had been longing for.

Yazoo (ヤズー, Yazū?): The long-haired brother, as well as the one with the calmest demeanor. He is the embodiment of Sephiroth's enigmatic allure. He specialises in firearms, wielding a gun called "Velvet Nightmare". He shot Cloud before meeting his end in an explosion with Loz atop the Shin-Ra headquarters. Shot Cloud in the back at the end to bring Cloud to the Promised Land with them.

Loz (ロッズ, Rozzu?): The short-haired brother. He embodies Sephiroth's violent streak and masculinity. Despite his older appearance, Loz is the most immature of the three and is upset easily. Nonetheless, he displays extreme feats of brute strength and speed compared to his 'brothers'. Loz is the brawler of the group. He has short silver hair and is very muscular. He wields a unique weapon called the "Dual Hound" most of the time, though he uses a Velvet Nightmare like Yazoo's. He and Yazoo were dying from the healing rain and attempted to take down Cloud shortly after Kadaj's death so they could "play" with him more. As a last resort, when Cloud charged them, they used the Materia to performed an explosive kamikaze attack that not only took them out, but gravely injured Cloud.

-_- Rozzu...Why did I have a feeling Dj was write that Yazoo'd call Loz, Lozzu? ¬_¬ Loz's killing his father.
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