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Chain of Memories manga + Highlights

Right, so, uploading this thing via YSI and shall be updating this post as the files load. If you unzip the files, they'll go into their own folder, named "Card #", which relates to the chapter name. Volume 2 has Cards 7-13, which is about 51mb in total.

Hence doing each one seperately.

Oh and this chapter's in Japanese since it's the only one Aku Tenshi never got around to translating it (because YAY it's licensed and buyable soonish). Credit to chibimazoku for buying and scanning this one though.

Edit: Right, it's all up for now, but drop me a line if YSI screws up anywhere/needs uploading again.

Edit-the-edit: Okay, links fixed. Nevermind the blonde moment I had when posting them.

Card 7 - 6.42mb
Card 8 - 6.56mb
Card 9 - 6.85mb
Card 10 - 7.56mb
Card 11 - 7.29mb
Card 12 - 5.97mb
Card 13 - 10.9mb

Card 7
-Kid!Riku stuffing a crab down Kid!Sora's shirt.
-Larxene freaking out poor Sora with her talk of Namine.

Card 8
-Scary...scary Vexen (proof? he gets a nosebleed and a look of scary glee while taking notes on Riku).
-Larxene domming Repliku. No really.
-Cutest false memory sequence ever courtesy of Sora.
-More scary Stalker!Vexen.

Card 9
-"Hey Axel, go kick his ass."
-Vexen carking it with more drama than daytime TV (Donald and Goofy's reaction is priceless).
-Sora bitching at Donald and Goofy.
-And we start to see Axel turning Namine to the Dark Side.

Card 10
-Namine has joined the Dark Side!
-Marluxia and Larxene partying, including: Kentucky Friend Nomura and Orgy 13 brand lemon squash.
-Larxene's first reaction to finding Namine gone: "AXEL!!!"
-Axel fucking around with Repliku's head.
-"Hey, it's Kai- OH GOD MY EYES."
-Repliku head go 'splodey.

Card 11
-Larxene fucking with our protagonist's heads.
-And laying the smackdown on Sora and co.
-Proving the worth of one's element. Ie: using a hairdryer attached to your finger is just showing off, Larxene.
-...Repliku's still broken...

Card 12
-Riku pwning about half the known cast of CoM from this point on.
-Ansem Xehanort Xehanort's Heartless. Very confusing by this point.
-Zexion all woobie over Lexaeus' death (in his normal Zexion way).
-Axel's first line: "Whoops, am I in the way here?" as Marluxia threatens Namine.
-Namine nearly loosing half her face courtesy of Axel.
-Sora breaking up one of the most awesome fights in this manga.
-Only to have Axel fight around everyone to get at Marluxia.

Card 13 (ironic it stops here?)
-Namine being the damsel in distress. Again.
-...Marluxia scares me in the first few pages.
-Axel declaring his gay for Sora:
Sora: Go...?
Axel: Do you really want to fight me that much?
Axel: If I fight you seriously
Axel: I might end up extinguishing you, you know?
Sora: D--
Sora: Don't be silly!
Axel: That's more like it.
Axel: Don't lose.
Axel: If you disappear, it'll be a problem.
Axel: ...bye.
-Gee, think this is Marluxia's room?
-Sora progressively getting aggressive over Naminé was kind of disturbing in the game, but here it just kind of scared me a lot. STOP BEING ANGRY AND VIOLENT SORA.
-Riku stole his outfit from Spawn, srsly. Lookit that skirt cloak.
-Riku's reaction to seeing Mickey? Priceless. Poor woobie.
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