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KH2 Manga + Highlights

Right, so finally uploading this thing (and downsizing to be kind; each page is about 40% of the original size now). Seperated by chapters and so far, only the first four have been released in Japan. Hence no translation available thus far. Don't know if Aku Tenshi (online translation place) plan to touch this one since both the KH1 and CoM manga have been licensed and due for release soon.

Ah, and as the new chapters are released, I'll put a link to maiki's site so you can grab them there (though if you want them at a smaller file size, I'll upload them if you want).

As like last time, each chapter is zipped and I'll post up some highlights of each one under the cut.

Credit for the scans goes to maiki by the way. Must not forget that. Because currently she's...the only one to have scanned these and posted them online. Much, MUCH love to her.

Yes, "Card." Because I got used to it from CoM.

Edit: Fixed the link to Card 02. I have no idea why I posted up the wrong link XD

Card 01 - 11.4mb
Card 02 - 11.1mb
Card 03 - 5.7mb
Card 04 - 7.2mb

Card 01
-YAY BLAZING COLO- oh damn it's only 4 pages. such a dork. A cute dork, but a dork.
-Pence. Is. Adorable. I want to pinch his cheeks.
-"OH MY GOD THEY STOLE OUR ___!!" That line cracks me up every time XD
-Seifer kicks everyone but Olette down. What a gentleman XD
-Holy crap the Dusks are huge in this. Moreso than in the game (and creepier!)
-Roxas almost wetting his pants.

Card 02
-Roxas wetting his pants XD
-The Dusks are a hell of a lot smarter in this manga!
-"HOSHI-!" *all fall down*
-The Keyblade acting like a giant Dusk magnet XDDDD (yes, I know it's in the game, but it looks funnier here)
-Roxas pulling off some moves!
-Their group picture that got stolen is a lot sweeter than the game version :3
-Olette bitching at Hayner to finish his summer homework XD
-Axel makes an entrance (nice perch, too XD)

Card 03
-...Pence likes his icecream too much.
-Hayner being a dork again XDDDD
-Easter Island statue with a tissue up his nose. Whut.
-"WIN!" 8D
-Riku actually pelting the stick at Roxas and not just plain ol' tripping him up.
-AGAIN WITH THE ICECREAM. Why aren't these kids obese or sugar intolerant yet??
-Roxas freaking out summore (he does this a lot in this manga, I notice XD)
-Namine! :D

Card 04
-Title. Page. Is. Adorable.
-...Seifer actually scares me with his entrance here.
-Atta boy Roxas! Threaten 'em with the wiffle bat!
-Destati (the stained glass platform) is really nicely done here!
-Twilight Thorn! And Roxas wetting his pants again.
-Riku throwing Roxas through the portal XDDD
-The scene where Roxas goes back to Usual Spot after getting busted with Seifer and Co changed a lot! Instead of Hayner and the others walking out on Roxas, he says his apologies and runs out looking all mortified as he stares at the Struggle poster (remembering the promise he made with Hayner about the tournament). It's a lot better in my opinion; more heartfelt.
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