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Kingdom Hearts RP

The Story

The Darkness has lost Its Master. With nothing to control It, as dictated by Its very nature, the Darkness roams the Worlds, creating havoc and chaos in Its wake.

Sora must find a way to properly seal the Door, as is his destiny.

Riku has his own motives, and they are, to say the least, questionable.

Hades, Ansem, Sephiroth. Which one is your reason to fight?

Sides must be chosen, things must be revealed. Lives have been changed, touched in ways they never thought could happen.

New friends. Old faces. Haunted by the past. Each of them must endure this, and each of them must realize what they must do.

Before it's too late.

Player Info

AIM is nice, but not required, for live RP sessions.

RP is done in third person, mostly in threads on traverse_town. AIM Logs are permitted; completed logs go in k_hearts_rp, logs to be continued go in traverse_town. When posting in traverse_town, try not to let threads get more than 50 comments, since they then start to fold. It's DJ's pet peeve. If it's not finished, simply start a new post.


riku_the_fallen, sephiroth__sama [DJ - AIM: MakoFish Boy]
hades_unseen, xo_kairi_xo, scarlet_sinner, azrael_thedark [Tenshi - AIM: dj katsuya]


Important Info

This community is extremely Yaoi/Yuri tolerant. As in "nearly all characters are gay and Leon is a pedophile". So please don't join and then flame us like a retard. You're warned.

The Rules

  1. Remain In Character. This means Goofy won't be solving calculus equations and Leon won't be glomping anyone. Well, maybe now he will...but Riku only or they can expect a keyblade shoved in their back.--Ed We're not all that strict about it, but if your character is supremely different from what everyone else remembers, at LEAST have some kind of plausible excuse.
  2. No Bashing. Character conflicts are inevitable. Some of us live on the angst. There will also be times we won't like each other OOC, either. But keep IC IC, and OOC OOC, and deal with all OOC problems in a CIVILIZED MANNER. If you feel like you can't do that, at the VERY least, ask a mod to intervene. They're not mean mostly and they won't bite hard.
  3. Two characters per person We'll see the limit. For now, it's as many as you can handle. The max so far is four, going to Tenshi, but her chracters have small roles for the most part. Original characters do count, but World Journals don't. We like you being original, but this is "Kingdom Hearts RP", not "Let's Steal The Plot But Use Our Own Peepz RP". All Orginal Characters will be for plot development only, and will serve a purpose.
  4. Have Fun! is the most important rule. We don't want to send teamsters to break your legs make you feel like you're obligated.
  5. That said, TRY TO UPDATE ONCE A WEEK. We like non-dead characters, really!
  6. Yaoi/Yuri Tolerant. Oh look, we added het!
  7. Swearing Is Permitted, but keep it IC, kay? Aerith isn't going to run around screaming "YOU *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP~!*". But Leon might.
  8. No Chain of Memories, no KH II. Even if one of our buttons has a KH II picture, by way of Moderator's Decision, Chain of Memories and II don't happen in this universe. Nuh-uh, no way. However, as much you may not like us "raping the plot," the plot is going in different directions.
  9. Mods = God. You don't like it, go find another, more boring RP. :3

To Join!

  • Make a journal for your character (after being approved). Character-specific AIM is NOT required, though hacing an AIM screen name is suggested.
  • E-mail DJ at dj_moves2001@hotmail.com with the following:

    Personal Journal:
    Which character you wanna be:
    Their role?
    Preferred Pairing:
    Sample role play: (Meaning a sample post you'd do in this rp, not some old log from another.)
    Any ideas on main plot:
    Where you'd like to go with your character:
    If it is an FF character, a mini summery (sometimes more) is required.

  • DJ and Tenshi are Gods. Tenshi especially, since she's got DJ whipped. Remember that. You'll be just fine.